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Discussion in 'Chains of Promathia' started by Ayemda, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Whats up guys, well i found out when our mysterous layoff is going to happen. I will be laid-off the week of Feb. 5th, I want to try to complete all the PM's during this week, i'm really really seeking some help whenever anyone can to help do the rest of this, I know i'm asking quite abit tryin to do 5-1 to End, but i'm going to try to get past the prom-vaz and the 5-3 the 3 parts before I hit layoff. If i can do that I think its a very possible thing I could get the rest banged out within a week, I'd really love to join everyone in Sea and i'm sick of not having it, since I think i'm one of the last members to get it. There will be something special in it for anyone that can give me a hand finishing these, all items you use/need for any of the BCNMS or Fights will be paid for by me, plus the special at the end, dont know what i'll give everyone that helps but I'll find something. Thanks a ton, and i'm sure i'll see ya on =)
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    Eticket Pogona
    I don't need any of the missions, but I'd be happy to help if you need it. I can't go the whole distance most likely, but if you're short a DD and I'm on, let me know. I'll probably be available.
  3. Garret

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    If I'm online when you are doing a mission feel free to ask me for help. The only lvl. 60 gear set I have is for Mnk though. Other than that I can bring Pld or Mnk to any uncapped fight.
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    Valgavv Lyzen
    Thurs. night, friday (all day), some part of sat and sunday, I'm basically free. during the week is kinda meh.. unless we have specific times and schedules for COP I can do that. I'd like to help as much as I can.. for Proms I have blu and ninjer avail... probably the most useful outta the lvl 50 jobs I have.. lvl 60+ I have ninjer/thf/blu avail.. I need dates and times to be able to take time away from what I'm suppose to be doin' (studyin' lol) to help out.. I wanna get you sea brotha!
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    i mentioned PM runs with you earlier but you kind of stopped communicating so i got the impression you're not interested :eek: