[lfm][gmt+11] New Casual Static For 5.2 & Beyond

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    Hey peeps :)

    Recently started a new casual static for up coming raid content.

    What we're aiming for is to gather a group of like minded individuals that are keen on clearing content while enjoying the highs and lows of the journey. All we ask for is respect of members learning phase which includes no toxic behaviour at any point :)

    Time for raiding is currently GMT +11 due to daylight savings, but will change to GMT +10 around April.

    Current Raid Schedule
    Weekdays: Thursday & Friday, Time approx 9:00pm until 12:am AEST
    Weekends: Saturday at approx 11:00pm until 2:00am AEST, if Saturday can't be done then Sunday at any time

    The times above are only an approximation at this point and are flexible.

    Roster Currently
    1. GNB
    2. DNC
    3. SMN

    1. Healer (WHM)
    2. Healer (AST/SCH)
    3. Tank (PLD, WAR, DRK)
    4. Melee DPS (DRG, NIN, MNK, SAM)
    5. Melee DPS (DRG, NIN, MNK, SAM)

    If you would like to join us, please pm me here, in game (J'Winters) or add me on discord CLVN#3697 :)

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