Let Free Companies Buy Factories From Grand Companies

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    There will NEVER be enough room for every FC to have their own house. We all know this by now. This is a suggestion for the people who have FC groups, but no house of their own. The main things they miss out on are:

    1) FC crafting
    2) Sky subs and underwater airships
    3) Highest rank FC actions (Not as big of a point as the other two)

    I'm suggesting that FCs be able to buy factories from Grand Companies through the use of FC points and/or Company Seals.

    Make these factories slightly different though. Give them access to the Aetherwheel, but only let them charge one company action at a time.

    Every time new housing is added, everything is scooped up in an instant. Those with jobs/school are more likely than not able to log in and hope they get a house. Yes it's nice being able to decorate a place for the FC to hang out, but with the current system it's impossible to please everyone (As in not enough housing, ever).

    But these are some of the biggest things that houseless FCs are forced to deal with, due to limitations currently in game that at this point feels impossible to work around unless the whole system is scrapped and rebuilt, which isn't something I believe they'd put the resources in for.

    And unlike current housing, these would be small instances for each FC.

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