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  1. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    Anyone know where I can find a site with a good leveling guide? One that has new recipes mayhap??!!

    TIA :shades02:
  2. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    There's really no substitute for looking at the recipes and working everything out for yourself. Prices can fluctuate a lot and new synths get added, making old guides less relevant or even invalid. It's not really hard to go over each recipe, usually it will be obvious what is best to do, and what materials to save for later.

  3. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    Personally I'm a fan of power crafting. Just get a shitload of materials and craft like nuts. When possible I prefer recipes with cheap ingredients, or if not cheap, at least will sell quickly to recup losses as quickly as possible. As such, I LURV the crafting section on ffxiah.com. As Benny noted, new recipes come out, prices fluctuate. ffxiah keeps up on prices really well, and their crafting section gives you breakdowns by craft of what materials cost (assuming you buy on ah and not say, NPC or farm), what the finished product sells for, how frequently it sells, etc. LOVE IT!


    So while not a leveling guide per se, I just look for recipes a bit above my skill that are either cheap or sell a lot. My wallet is my guide. :)
  4. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    Thanks for the tips. :badshape:
  5. Ashmus

    Ashmus Unicorns are kickass!

    oh wow, I never knew that site existed. You made my day.
  6. Sassafras

    Sassafras Calendar Girl FC/Active Member

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    Sassafras Rosa
    My Lodestone Profile
    Nekio's List (very close to what I did)

    (12) Karakul Leather > AH > 12
    (17) Lizard Cesti > AH > 16
    (21) Dhalmel Leather > AH > 21
    (24) Bugard Leather > AH > 23
    (31) Parchment > AH > 31
    (35) Ram Leather (leaves) > AH > 35
    (36) Ram Leather (log) > AH > 36
    (39) Wolf Gorget > NPC > 38
    (43) Waist Belt > NPC > 41
    (49) Buffalo Leather > AH > 49
    (52) High Breath Mantle > AH > 50
    (58) Catoblepas Leather > NPC > 53
    (61) Tiger Leather > AH > 60
  7. Varda

    Varda Clothcraft Cat

    This was ages ago, but I ended up making Tiger Leather from 49 all the way to 60. There might be better recipes now (don't remember Catoblepas Leather...) and it's a lot of breaks at the start (LOTS!), but it really worked well for me.

    Yeah it's a 12 level gap, but 3 successful synths and you've leveled. ^_^;;
  8. Ashmus

    Ashmus Unicorns are kickass!

    that 6 lvl gap on buffalo leather looks painful

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