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    tKiller Effects:
    Beast Killer: Wild oats + Sprout smack (both plant type physical moves)
    Lizard Killer: Claw cyclone + foot kick (both beast type physical moves)
    Plantoid killer: Power Attack + Mandible bite (both vermin type physical moves)
    Undead Killer: Smite of Rage + Bludgeon (both arcana type physical moves)

    Clear Mind:
    2 skills: Clear mind 1
    4 skills: Clear mind 2
    6 skills: Clear mind 3
    8 skills: Clear mind 4

    Poison Breathl
    Venom Shell
    Awful eye
    Filamented Hold
    Feather Tickle
    Warm Up

    Combat Traits:
    Defense Bonus (+10 def):
    Grand slam + Terror Touch

    Attack Bonus(+10 atk):
    Battle Dance + Uppercut
    Uppercut + Death Scissors

    Spinal Cleave + Awful Eye

    Store TP:
    Sickle Slash + Tail Slap

    Rapid Shot:wtf
    Jet Stream + Feather Storm

    Mgc Atk Bonus(+20 Mab):
    Sound Blast + Cursed Sphere

    Magic Def Bonus(+10 Mdb):
    Ice Break + Magnetite Cloud

    Resist traits:
    Resist Sleep:
    Pollen + Magic Fruit

    Resist Bind:
    Ice Break + Frost Breath

    Resist Silence:
    Radiant Breath + Frenetic Rip

    Resist Gravity:
    Memento Mori + Frypan

    Auto Refresh:
    Stinking Gas (44): 1 Point
    Frightful Roar (50): 2 Points
    Selfdestruct (50): 2 Points
    Cold Wave (52): 1 Point
    Light of Penance (58): 2 Points
    Voracious Trunk (64): 3 Points
    Actinic Burst (74): 4 Points
    Plasma Charge (75): 4 Points

    Autorefresh requires 8 or more points from the above.

    Conserve MP:
    Fire Spit + Chaotic Eye

    Auto Regen:
    Healing Breeze + Sheep song

    Max MP boost(+10 mp Max): too weak
    Mysterious light + Metallic Body

    Max HP boost:
    Yawn + Temporal Shift
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    BLU is so damned buff, lol. PUP is cool and all, but it can't touch this. COR has its buffs so its still cool, but... god damned. lol.
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    theirs rumors of potential dual wield but i highly doubt it