info on frenetic rip and spinal cleave

Discussion in 'Blue Mage' started by Aelfinn, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Aelfinn

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    taken from Alla forums @;mid=114867075375802266;num=14;page=1

    will be usefull as a few of us aspiring blu's are nearing lvl60

  2. Deretic

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    Could just wait til the Undead swarm hits Al Zahbi to learn spinal cleave and hysteric barrage, heard they use it more... prolly cause they have 100 people criting on them at any given time hehe.
  3. Aelfinn

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    i think that sounds like a phenominal idea hehe
  4. Darwen

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    Rikkuu was trying that one Beseiged.... she got smoked quite a few times by AOE though lol

  5. Aelfinn

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    rr earring ftw
  6. Aura

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news:

    Monsters in Beseiged don't yield Experience Points.
  7. Deretic

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  8. Aura

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    That's fucking weird. The monster isn't even dead yet.
  9. Deretic

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    What i was thinkin was he was just going around diaga'ing everthing and one of the mobs around him musta died.

    least that is my best guess lol
  10. Aelfinn

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    the "doesnt yeild xp" thing is a horrible way to describe what you can and cannot get spells from.
    for sure cannot learn from CFH mobs, mobs killed out of range for you to gain xp(ie. other side of the zone), ksnm or bcnm mobs.
  11. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    wrong someone learned bodyslamfrom double dragonian
  12. Aura

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    So what the fuck lol. I wonder if you can learn from Dynamis mobs too. If what they meant was "You cannot learn abilities from mobs whose level is far enough below yours that the monster does not yield experience points" then why didn't they say so lol.
  13. Aelfinn

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    well then it seems like too far away to yeild xp(other side of the zone) and CFH mobs onry
  14. Deretic

    Deretic Barfighter

    Actually... those ones give abilties also keke
  15. Koul

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    Chuggs M'Koul
    mabye SE screwed up and just about anything lets you learn the spell and they didn't intend for that? lol
  16. Araius

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    Vorpal Blade and Thrust both did the trick for me on Imps, worked pretty well, especially at 300% TP. Qutrubs on the other hand, I got Vorpal Blade to work once, countless Vorpal Thrusts didn't break it once. We got a BST nearby to help us and between Rampage and just general crits, he broke it 3 times in a row, used Spinal Cleave -twice- all 3 times, learned on the 2nd one :D