I make arrows^^

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  1. sempronia

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    um, i wasnt sure if only actual ultima members could advertise themselves here but i guess this could always be deleted. but in the meantime...

    tired of losing inventory space bc of all that shihei?

    run out of arrows at the most inopportune times?

    did that big mean fafnir break your shield?

    want a cool bookshelf, a new bow, or an extra 5% magic damage from your stave?

    just send sempronia a /tell in game and your wildest dreams will become reality. errr, well, ill make stuff anyways. thats right folks, im 96+2 and rising fast. all crafts are free so long as you provide the materials. of course tips are accepted.

    act now and get your nosed licked absolutely FREE!!!


    Sempronia will not be held responsible for material losses in the event of a failed synthesis. Sempronia will also not be held responsible from any rashes that may develop as the result of the free nose licking.
  2. Jotaru

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    Jotaru Maru
    <3 Loser and his 100+ Woodworking =p

    Don' worry Semp, I still <3 you too ^^
  3. sempronia

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    sure, Loser is higher skill level than me. but he is a hume, and their tongues are filthy, so u wouldnt want him to lick your nose after he does your synth would u?
  4. Jotaru

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    FFXIV Name:
    Jotaru Maru
    Good point > Semp.
  5. defiant

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    i would <3 Loser :tounge-3: