Hot and Cold

Discussion in 'Chocobo Raising' started by Nekio, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    This mini-game is seriously pissing me off. I have tried this half a dozen times, and I cannot get ANY response from my choco except "...". I've asked around, and while several folks have genuinely tried to help me out, it's honestly not done any good at all.

    All I really need to know is the distance between where you will first get a signal (Kweh) and when you are actually right on the chest. I also need to know the max distance from the map marker to where the chest can actually spawn.

    If someone could please use the map of La Theine I posted with the map marker, and draw on it a chest that is the maximum distance possible from the marker, and around the chest draw a circle showing the max range within which my choco should respond.

    If anyone can do this for me, it'd help me out a ton, otherwise I'm quitting this f-ing minigame ><
  2. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    Use the green marker dot as the marker given by the game.
  3. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    I don't see your green marker, but honestly it's a rather wide margin. The problem is it's VERY specific where the box is. There's no leeway. So your choco does the first kweh at a good distance, then you don't see anything different till you're damn near tripping on it. Unless you bred in treasure finder that is. If you've looked at the wiki at all, it really does go like this:


    If you don't have treasure finder, you have no indicators between "Kweh." and "Kwehhh!?" You'll just keep getting "Kweh." until you hit dark pink. See how hard that is?

    Personally, I couldn't do it myself until I got a choco with treasure finder. After that it became a breeze. Though sassy might have some insights for you? (Though I suspect she uses a treasure finder chocobo too).
  4. Sharain

    Sharain New Member

    I agree that you need the treasure finder to have good success with Hot and Cold. But I can give you some tips. The chest is ALWAYS in one of the... what you call it? Cardinal directions? N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W or NW from the ???. Never in between. From Kweh. to KWEHHHH!!!!! the distance is from one to one and half the size of the red ball that is you when you open the map. From Kweh. to Kweh?! (with TF) it's around half of red ball. In my experience the chest can spawn whenever it damn pleases, so if you get ... on the ???, try going a full ball width to, say north, then if that's still ..., try SE or SW, and if that's still ..., it's probably in the other side (SE or SW). I can generally at least get Kweehhh??!! with that. Of course sometimes you just get ... because it's half the map square away from the ???. >.>

    These distances are for basics, dunes and altepa. For distances in Bubu and Jungles, about double it.
  5. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    Yeah, I have tried the game about 6-7 times now, and I have recieved ANY message (I mean anything other than "...", any kind of "kweh" at all), once out of the hundred or so dig attempts i've made. I dig at the starting marker, I dig 3 steps from the marker in every cardinal direction, I dig 5 steps, I dig 8 steps, I dig 10 steps. Always the same message that I'd get if I was digging halfway across the map: "...".

    That's where my frustration lies... I'm not having trouble finding the chest, I'm having trouble getting my chocobo to give me ANY indication I am even in the correct zone. Sharain's post helps some... so the chest should only be one marker's-width away from the starting point? That would be like 2-3 steps by choco I think, so maybe I need to stay closer to the marker.
  6. Sharain

    Sharain New Member

    No, the chest is marker width - marker width and half from Kweh. But it's usually no farther than 2-3 marker widths from start point, so going by one marker width you can usually get Kweh. Notice I said usually >.> sometimes it just screws you over. I've had some 20 digs of ... too >.>

    For my choco marker width is 6-7 steps. It might vary by the size of choco. Just check the map a lot.

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