Gratuitous Space Battles Update Released

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    Updates to Gratuitous Space Battles have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Gratuitous Space Battles
    • Bug Fix: Limpet launcher UI no longer shows it tracking targets and firing if all mines are currently launched.
    • Bug Fix: Limpet launchers no longer draw if cloaked.
    • Usability: Ship icons on the deployment screen now list their speed and cost in the mouseover tooltips.
    • Usability: The post challenge button greys out once you have actually submitted the challenge
    • New Feature: New option after a challenge victory to retaliate with the fleet you just won with.
    • Usability: The 'go to fleet hq' button isn't an option any more for the outcome window during challenges, when you don't earn honor anyway.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where some fighters, depending on speed, may not be able to dock with a carrier.
    • New Feature: New 'challenge details' screen, complete with retaliation list and image previews.
    • New Feature: 'stick together' order for fighters, keeps them clustered in squadrons.
    • Bug Fix: Intel GMA 450 video cards now correctly default to software processing and don't crash on startupBug Fix: The ship design screen now correctly calculates armor resistance, which was previously wrong!


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