goldsmith, i need help for the road to 100

Discussion in 'Ultima Crafters Corner' started by Carmela, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Carmela

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    62.1 here, and planning on going to 100. I have the gil, and the willpower to close my eyes while 500k synths blow up, but i need a hand.
    i need bone patas atm, and in the future, will need help camping the AH against davricle, and a few JP goldsmiths for rare components. I'll continue to post on this thread every week as to what i need, and how many i have. my crafting policy.
    :: ls people, bring me the crap, it's free. If you want me to sign, it's 10k per crystal, because goldsmithing guildpoints are very expensive (i spent 82k for 6k points yesterday)
    a note about HQs. some things, I'm going to have to draw the line. HQ items that are skill lvl 95+ we'll have to discuss before hand, as to if you're looking for an HQ or just a signed item. ex, a signed +1 flame ring, sorry, its going to be mine :bfg:. sub crafts i have bone/wood to 60
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    Jotaru Maru
    Help me find HQ Crab SHells and I'll help you find your Patas. ;)

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