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Discussion in 'Blue Mage' started by onorok, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Last night I exp'd on BLU for the first time in a few months; I am nearly level 49, just need about 550 exp which I'll get tonight probably, taking my NPC to Pso'Xja to get a couple spells. The party last night actually asked me to come as BLU/WHM, so I had to buy a few pieces of gear since I was mainly set-up for melee'ing. So now I have two sets of gear, and I am wondering if I should stick to having two sets; one for melee and one for magic.

    Another thing is what spells and abilities should I set for which sub? Last night as BLU/WHM I was just doing Terror Touch at the start (we had a PLD tank), doing a MP Drainkiss and then just tossing out cures and regen on the tank, and MB'ing on Distortion with Cursed Sphere (risky, but no other mobs were around ever). Aside from a random Refueling or Head Butt, I was not doing much other blue magic, but I was burning through MP kind of fast (had 454 MP with my magic gear set on). Hard to say if you were not there, but was I spamming magic too much?

    I basically want to get back to leveling BLU, at least hitting 60 by Christmas, but I do not want to suck at the job.