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Discussion in 'Blue Mage' started by onorok, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Currently I am at 41 BLU and using the following set-up:

    <st1>MAIN</st1>: Immortal's Scimitar (planning to use until 49, then use Crimson Sword)<o></o>
    SUB: Faerie Shield (working on getting a Tortoise Shield)<o></o>
    RANGE: ---<o></o>
    AMMO: Morion Tathlum
    HEAD: Voyager Sallet<o></o>
    NECK: Spike Necklace (working on getting a Peacock Charm)<o></o>
    EAR1: Morion Earring<o></o>
    EAR2: Morion Earring<o></o>
    BODY: Windurstian Doublet (planning to switch to a Brigadine at 45)<o></o>
    HANDS: Elder's Bracers (have Battle Mitts, but I need the +32 MP from these)<o></o>
    RING1: Sniper's Ring (also have a Jaeger Ring)<o></o>
    RING2: Ether Ring (also have an Electrum Ring)<o></o>
    BACK: Nomad's Mantle (switch to something else?)<o></o>
    WAIST: Mercenary Captain's Belt (also have a Tilt Belt)<o></o>
    LEGS: Garrison Hose<o></o>
    FEET: Elder's Sandals (also have Leaping Boots)<o></o>
    I have not been messing with equip switch macros, but I am wondering if I should, and if so when should I swap in? For specific blue magic spells? Boost acc and modifiers on physical spells, and then INT on magic spells?<o></o>
  2. Aelfinn

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    i dont know what your rse sachet looks like, but might be an upgrade to the talthum, i get +2str from mine and used it at those lvls.

    waist, hrm... get that swift belt for when you hit 50... 48 life belt/vanguard belt... prior to that, maybe a survival belt?? not much good before life belt i think.

    having evasion gear to swap on at need wouldnt be a bad idea either, /thf and sneak attack sickle slash or mandible will definitely get you up there in hate queue.

    my overall suggestion on stats you're looking for:
    acc+ for tp building (you want tp now that you can Chain Aff.)
    acc+ for normal bludgeon, head butt, etc.. spam
    acc/spell stat mod. for CA+Spell or SA+Spell
    intfor "magic" based spells such as blood drain, death ray, or mp drainkiss
    mnd for enhancing type spells like Pollen, Magic Fruit, Metallic Body
    Pollen has a very very very low cap on mnd effecting it, healing
    breeze seems to make a bit more use of mnd+ and Magic Fruit
    rises dramatically if you whore out on +mnd
  3. onorok

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    I've actually got all four of those belts at my disposal (Survival, Tilt, Life and Swift), and my RSE sachet is +2 VIT, so I haven't bothered with it. Really want the earrings from ENM60, but my duo partner hasn't been on the past week.
  4. Koul

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    another really good choice for ammo once you get to the lvl for it would be Tiphias sting

    and for back piece I just used red cape +1 until I could wear amemet
    as a hume I stuck with custom boots and pants till my current lvl (64)

    I used brig till jaridah peti then used the peti and voyagers helm till I got to use verm. cloak ... when I got to 59 I found myself just using verm. cloak every second I had in a party just cause MP was so tight

    ring selection you have is probably good since you'rea galka and MP is junky but I used 2 +acc rings then for WS I put in +STR ones but I dono if those str ones *really* made a difference lol what you could do is just use that MP one until you aren't at full MP then switch to two ACC ones?

    I used lifebelt from when I could use it all the way to 64 just cause I didn't really see any better options but the potent belt looks really good
  5. Araius

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    43 you'll get a Red Cape +1, you can probably get away with your Nomad's til then. For different builds, I have:

    STR (for guaranteed hits with SA, and low evasion mobs)
    ACC (for physical spells not stacked with SA, and normal melee/TP build)
    ACC+ (specifically for landing Head Butt, absolutely all ACC gear in this, no focus on STR whatsoever. Macro'd in Head Butt macro only)
    MP (for resting to full mainly)
    INT (for magical spells, not including breath attacks)
    MND (for healing spells)

    I use all of these interchangeably, and the inventory requirements are pretty damn extensive. I'd probably have a MND, STR, and ACC macro at your disposal if you can manage it - as Galka, the only magical spells you'll probably be using much of will be breath attacks which are affected by HP, and not INT or MAB at all.
  6. onorok

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    FFXIV Name:
    Croydon Onocern
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    Yeah, I hit 43 and 44 last night, and switched to the Red Cape +1, and have a Brig +1 waiting for 45 (tonight?). Still haven't worked out my swap macros, but I have a good idea of what I will use.

    Also, this might sound dumb, but can you swap in gear while a spell is being cast in order to apply the modifiers, or do you have to macro in the gear before you start the spell?
  7. Varda

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    I can't speak for BLU specifically, but you can swap in gear for other spells after you start them. As long as the gear is in place when the spell "completes," you'll get the effect. Spell completion isn't when the casting bar hits 100%, but when the spell actually lands on the target. That's around 60-70% for my whm and brd, and as long as the equip is in place before then, it works.

    Note that this is not the case with equipment that shortens casting time. That equipment needs to be in place before the spell starts casting. I think this includes both "-song casting time" and "enhances fastcast" equipment.