Gallant's Roll - Post Patch

Discussion in 'Corsair' started by Archain, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Archain

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    Gallant's Roll Increase

    It appears that Gallant's Roll can now reflect back 1/3 Damage (~31%) on an XI Roll w/o a PLD in the party.

    Since 31% seems to match DRK Chaos Roll numbers, I'm wondering if a PLD in the party will have the same effect in terms of percentages that DRK does on it's percentage based Roll.

    Will an XI Roll with a PLD in the party actually do what I'm thinking and reflect back 41% of the damage as spikes?
  2. Eilistrae

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    I sense a test commin up :D
  3. Jotaru

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    Nidhogg uses Spike Flail!

    Nidhogg takes 900 damage from Garret's spikes.


    But seriously, seems like it may make for a new way of damaging certain NM's... so much stuff in the patch, can't wait til it all finds a niche.
  4. Ashmus

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    might have to choose between mages rolls if this ends up being cool.

    most of the time I gave melee Rogues and War rolls, Paladin got Warrior and Evokers and mages got evokers and healer's roll.

    Might have to never invite whitemages for xp ever again and nix healer's and go with gallant's...assuming that I actually buy the stupid roll
  5. Nekio

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    Die are retardedly expensive.

    And I contemplate if 41% damage returned would be sick enough to warrant blood tanking for the damage alone.
  6. Spit

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    Tanks are gonna outparse everyone else with the roll active!
  7. Varda

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    It's bad enough that blms don't get many invites these days, but at least they can solo for exp. What are the poor whms going to do? ;_;
  8. Spit

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  10. Archain

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  11. Araius

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    Holy shit.

    So basically, PLD + COR actually has a use for tanking instead of NIN now? I might actually have to come back..damn SE actually attempting to make jobs balanced...what is this crap.