Fun With GMs

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI - Media' started by Nekio, Aug 7, 2009.

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    My favorite is still the one where the GM asked a BST why he was holding and not fighting his charmed pet at the time.
  3. Talfus

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    I'm surprised he picked up on it that quick. lol
  4. Rektify

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    Haha... I dunno what to say, but that must be a professional GM to deal with all that without flaming you
  5. Talfus

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    Or he thought he was just a standard moron and blew it off. God only know how much I do this in a day.
    I could be getting trolled, but I just don't give a damn.
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    HAHAHHAHA Very funny Nekio
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    This is what happens when SE makes an infuriatingly lame event like goldfish scooping. I get bored and fuck with their employees.
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    hahaha yeah, i thought about calling a GM on a NPC yesterday.. but i held myself back