For Future Job Design: We Should Have Some Heal Buttons Merged/cut/revert To Utility

Discussion in 'FFXIV Feed Test Area' started by RSS News, Oct 18, 2020.

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    The actual healing kit of all 3 healers is fairly solid as far as healing kits go. So good in fact that a lot of it is redundant due to various factors.
    Everyone wants more damage or utility buttons. Detractors are crying "but there will be button bloat" its utter rubbish really, just look at the current healing kits. Everyone said on shb launch any new healing would be useless, and lo and behold that's what came to pass.

    Note: raises do not count as healing for the purpose of this post. It would just up the numbers unneccessarily

    Total healing buttons: 14
    GCD heals: 8 (cure, cure 2, cure 3, medica, medica 2, regen, affla sol, affla rap)
    oGCD: 6 (bene, tetra, asylum, plenary, assize, Divine benison)
    Aoe heals: 7
    Single target heals: 7

    Total healing buttons: 11
    GCD heals: 4 (Physick, adloquium, succor, aetherpact)
    oGCD: 7 (Embrace, sacred soil, indomitability, excog, fey bless, consolation)
    Aoe heals: 6
    Single target heals: 5

    Note: wasn't sure if deployment tactics or emergency tactics counted as heals or not. especially emergency

    Total healing buttons: 11
    GCD heals: 4 (Benefic, benefic 2, helios, asp helios)
    oGCD: 7 (Asp bene, essential, collective uncon, celes opposition, earth star, celes intersect, horoscope)
    Aoe heals: 7
    Single target heals: 4

    We really don't need all these healing buttons. The incoming damage just doesn't warrant it.

    Some of these should be merged into upgrades (cure into cure 2)
    some should revert back to being utility (celestial opposition)
    some could be cut and replaced with something vital or fun that was lost (I'll trade you fey blessing for shadowflare or bane any day)

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