For coming weeks while im away If you do runs

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    Im fine with you guys doing runs while im gone and accumulating points under these conditions.

    1 Only people who currently have points go on runs.We dont need anymore people in our group.EXCEPT SARAHLYNN

    2 Everything is done by the rules and each run is posted with attendance / drops / who got drops etc etc.

    I really honestly want u guys to step up and learn how to do stuff without me it makes things so much easyer for myself when i get back.It truly does suck to have to pull/call cells/pass cells/tell people where to go/remember who got what cells/play brd

    PLus u guys sharpening your salvage skills only makes runs go smoother and less exp intensive im all for it get er done.

    Also if sarahlynn comes back in the time im gone she is the LEADER so please do what she says as if she was me cept shes nicer then me in salvage i AM THE ALMIGHTY HITLET IN SALVAGE

    P.S Yes i know i spelt it Hitlet

    Da FrEaK
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    Can you PM or post your strats for the zones so we aren't completely lost trying to translate wiki? I'd be up for trying to lead SLAVEAGE but it kinda sucks not knowing where to go etc
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    Also, once a person gets 15 points, the lotting may change a bit from what I remember hearing. Might want to clarify the level 35 armor lotting at that point. Should be obvious but it is rather big since it could make the difference between person A and person B getting it.
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    Zhayolm Remnants

    Possible routes

    35 farming/Boss

    5FN Porrogo Madame - Usu hands Skadi Legs Marduk Body 35s - to pop need 3 people FULL UNLOCKED of all pathos which is ALL cells.3 people r made main 3 at start and they get all cells first except magic/weapon which u can get as many as u want on first floor so can do them in order.

    6F Porrogo Madame - Ares Feet Marduk Head Morrigan Feet 35s- To pop you need to kill 4 prior NMs in zone.

    These r the only 2 NMs in zone that drop 35s but are the highest drop rate of all 35 NMs in salvage id say around 25% rate with possibility of dropiing multiple 35s.

    Starting Chest - Always has 2 weapon 1 magic 1 sj 1 abilities then either another magic abi or sj and 2 equip/2stat cells.

    3 Main Lotters Should Always Be 2 Tanks and Rdm

    1st Floor - Clear 4 "Inner" rooms for automatic 4 magic 4 sub job 4 weapon 4 ability cells.Depending on how many are going usually 4 inner rooms is plenty to fulfill your needs with chest drops as well.If u need more of these 4 cells the SE wing drops weapon cells NE drops magic NW drops abilities SW drops Sub job.You need to absolutly limit the cells u need to minimum this zone is very time sensitive if u plan to do boss as well.In example drks dont rly need sj or magic most people dont need sj.Always port in NE wing porter which usually requires someone to run there and be rdy to port when done farming.

    2nd Floor - You will port in on NE wing have to clear entire room to open door out.This room drops Ranged Rings/Earrings Waist/Back and Body.PLEASE NOTE this room is the ONLY non automatic drops in this zone Ranged and Rings/Earrings are not automatic so you can get ass fucked here hold all Ranged and Ring/Earring cells until room is cleared unless they r dropping like Souj at beat a faggot convention.If needed use Socket in this room to Duplicate either rng or ring if needed.

    After clearing NE room including Mamool that pops when all lizards are dead.Pop the socket with ring/ranged or if got plenty whatever cell it dont matter and kill the Madame making NM count 1/4.

    Move onto NW room this room drops Head/Neck and Body cells they are automatic drops.1 mob in each group of mobs drops cells.Kill the group right at the door going in.Then move north into room and clear the North group.This will get you 4 Head/Neck and random bodys.This is all u need.After get those 2 groups of wyverns dead pop the Slot NM with Silver Sea Card and kill it making NM count 2/4.

    Move onto SW room kill 2 groups of wyvern to get 4 Leg/Feet cells this is plenty and move on.

    Move onto SE room kill 2 groups of lizards for 4 hand cells and then port to next floor port is in center of map.

    3rd Floor - Move west and start killing mamools these die rly fast just move into rooms to kill.These mamools drops stat cells automatically 3 at a time as well as possibility of HP/MP.Clearing the first 3 rooms of mamools should give enough cells to completely unlock MAIN 3 people.

    Keep moveing and killing you have to clear whole SOUTH part of zone.Cells will drop rly fast you got to be on point on lotting.Once whole south part of map is cleared including Rampart a Porrogo Madame is popped.Kill it making NM count 3/4 it drops 4 HP and 4 MP cells.

    DO NOT open south door while u are killing madame send the thf to north porter to be rdy to port.Madame only automatically drops 4 Hp 4 MP cells so th is worthless.Once madame dead port NORTH.

    4FN - Kill correct rampart corrisponding to DAY U ENTERED SALVAGE.

    1st Rampart Fire/Earth
    2nd Rampart Water/Wind
    3rd Rampart Ice/Lightning
    4th Rampart light/dark

    Have someone rdy at port to port after rampart dead.

    5FN - Need someone to sac first room of gears and everyone move into south hall with sacer dieing in the hall.Its a long hall everyone move to south part of hall sacer die north part.

    Once sacer is raised start killing the Porrogo Madame someone needs to be kite bitch for charmga works best if its Rdm.Once Madame is dead send thf to porter port is in very middle of map and will prolly be a sac to port so make sure RR is up.Theres a chariot right at door to porter and hes hard to open door while atting u.If cant open door die right at door wait him to move and RR and your fine.

    6F - Kill madame kiting should be cake its a huge area and chariot dont aggro just dont touch it.Once madame dead Move into hall madame was in at start and someone go sac the chariot pull which pops a ton of gears.Have to clear this entire room to open porter to boss including chariot.Most pulls are easy till u get to middle where chariot 2 triple gears and 2 single gears roam be patient and pull cleanly u cant sleep any of these mobs.once main room of floor is clear open door to port and port up.

    7th F - Boss - Ill post a strat on this in a bit i got to go to store atm.