Fodder's guide to learning Body Slam

Discussion in 'Blue Mage' started by Fodder, Jul 2, 2006.

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    Option 1: Hold Shadow Dragon for an hour, voke it in 4 directions at once, let it TP away with every dragon special except Body Slam.


    Option 2:
    At lvl 62, go anon, invite all your friends who need Destroyers to do Clotho KS30 "Double Dragonian". Wait for someone to mess up and nuke too close and cross your fingers. In my case, the one and only TP move during our first run of 5 orbs was body slam, and I learned it. I lived with 2 HP remaining.

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    Congrats Fodder!
  3. Pitlith

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    Congrats man! Glad to hear you got it.

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    Uh oh!!! you tricked us, all you need from these was that Body Slam :tounge-3: :tounge-3: :tounge-3: Thought you were up to item:eek: :eek: :eek: :tounge-1: :tounge-1: :tounge-1: