Finally Made It Into Heavensward! (spoilers?)

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    Well, finally got through the quests between ARR and Heavensward, and into the latter's storyline proper!

    That was.....a LOT of cutscenes, and while I appreciate the storytelling(I like writing as a hobby, and I'm always mentally trying to write my character's own little stories as I play) and the effort that clearly went into it, I was stunned by some of the events that occurred....

    With most of the Scions thought to be missing or worse, thanks to the actions of the Monetarists and traitorous Crystal Braves, it doesn't look good for the player character.

    Plus....why'd they have to do Nanamo dirty like that?? I was very fond of her character, and now my character is framed for her death, Raubahn's down an arm and imprisoned for his reaction to it all(that Lalafell he whacked had it coming to him and I freely admit to clapping), and it looks like Ul'dah is all but locked down, as a result.

    Yeah, I may be a little emotional about it all, but I think it speaks to just how well the story is being told...and the story is a huge part of the reason I finally went with the digital complete edition upgrade on my PS4(from the free trial) about a month and a half ago...., I'm in Ishgard, getting used to this rather large new location, and trying to attune to the nearby crystals, which, given my utterly TERRIBLE real-life lack of any sense of direction(I've been known to get lost WITH A MAP), is usually the first thing I've done upon arrival at any new location...the 2nd thing I did was upgrade my armor, big pointy hat and all! :D

    Onwards to bigger and better adventures, then!

    P.s.: Without spoiling it for me, just tell me...Nanamo's not....DEAD-dead, is she?? :(

    P.p.s.: help me, if anything happens to Tataru.........words will be had... >_<;;;

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