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    What's your setup for festergut ?

    Currently we have 7 ranged dps outside but were thinking of putting 4 heals outside + 2 locks + ranged dps
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    ugh i hope we down him tonight.... time to reclaim horde first
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    Our raid composition for Festergut. As you can see, the fight really hates ranged. 3 people get the spore, we have one in melee, and two for ranged, one to the back-left of festergut and one to the back-right, each about 15-20 yards behind him. Picture the triforce. The ranged is spread out in a semi-circle behind festergut and we collpase on the person that has a spore on them.
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    solved the issue, with a little shape design lol moved 2 of the 5 healers outside where rangeds dps was 2 locks 2 hunters + 1 boomkin very very simple strat, had locks drop the port spell. then had 2 healers ontop of each portal and 1 hunter per portal boomkin go to pick whichever side he liked.. everyone of the ranged dps spread around the healer/portal. made shit so easy our mages ended up pulling 8-9k dps standing there. lol