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    Today I had a few offensive teammates in the dungeon. Pulling me right into the boss attack for me to get 1 hit KO followed by bursting out laughing emotes and "lulz" in party chat. Tank dropping tank stance after big pull and healer healing everyone except me on purpose until I died. Offensive comments and group bullying throughout the party chat.

    I had a bad time and after I reported this Gm Tirmeinoss patiently heard me out and valued every word I said. I am relatively new to the game but it really shows how FFXIV takes care of players to another level by having someone talk to me about the situation in less than an hour. Almost every other game my report would not get valued at all or the replies would be a template reply of "reviewing in process". Gm Tirmeinoss replied humanely and answered every question I had.

    I thank Gm Tirmeinoss for his assistance

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