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    MidCore • Rank 11 • Large House

    What We're About:

    We are a mid-core raiding FC which spends its days chatting in discord and playing this game we all love.

    Some things we like to do currently:
    • Dungeons/Raids
    • Crafting/Gathering
    • Deep Dungeons
    • PVP
    • Treasure Hunts
    • Mount/Minion Farming
    • Glamours & Decorations (the true endgame)

    Some things we'd like to do in the near future:
    • Progression Raid Teams
    • Raid Schedule
    • PVP Statics

    Why Join Us:

    At its heart, our community is a family. We care about each other more than your average anonymous internet acquaintances, and that extra investment goes a long way toward cementing lasting relationships. As such, we are a tight-knit group that is always looking to expand our family and influence.

    When asked, our members had this to say on the subject:

    We are all very kind, patient, easy going, and active players!!!
    No stress to rush to endgame. Very laid back, active and reliable.
    Originally only joined bc {a friend} wanted me to, but I’d say that the people are chill and nice and no one really treats you like a noob which is nice. Everyone’s nice about giving advice and it gives you friends to be able to do dungeons and stuff with and know that you can rely on them instead of just doing it with randos. Also you can get a room and decorate it which is fun for someone like me who likes that kinda shit lol.
    They are studious, smart, friendly, and funny. Always willing to push themselves to learn new things, try new things, become new things. Haven’t felt closer to a gaming group in years.
    What We Need:

    What we need from you is the same thing we're giving to our members. We're building a great thing here, and we want you to help us keep it going. So, above all, we need you to be kind, patient, easy going, and active. We know it's a hard ask, but if you can manage those things: everything else is just minutiae. We can work with any other of your perceived shortcomings.

    What You Get:

    You get the backing, support, and camaraderie of an amazing group of people, and moreover, you get to be a part of that group. We are not only LGBTQ+ friendly- we are supporting, accepting and validating.

    Some other stuff that you get:
    • FC Mansion
    • 24/7 Buffs
    • Group Events
    • Kind, Patient, Active Guildies
    • A Sense of Community

Join us!!

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