Experienced My First Death In A Dungeon And The World Didn't End

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    I'm new to the game, only started a week and a half ago, and I'm a CNJ. Never played an MMO before and am loving it, but I suffer from some serious anxiety every time I have to join a new dungeon/trial for the first time. As a healer I know everyone is depending on me to keep them alive. I have a macro set to let everyone know it's my first time in certain places and asking for tips, and that seems to help.

    This morning I unlocked Haukke Manor, and everyone was super nice when I said I was a newb, especially the tank who let me know the boss would need some more coordination than the previous dungeons I've done and gave me instructions.

    We did well until the very last minute, when I got swarmed by adds while trying to Cure myself and died, causing the party to wipe in literally the last few seconds before the boss was dead. I was shaking and felt horrible but nobody was mean, we all just tried again.

    The second time was sooo much smoother and I wasn't freaking out as much so I was able to do what I needed to do. We beat the boss really quickly and when I apologized for dying and said it was my first death and first wipe, everyone was super supportive and sweet. They all gave me commends too ;__;

    I know I'll inevitably run into rude and mean people eventually, especially if I reach endgame, but that has yet to happen and I'm so appreciative of how sweet and positive people have been to me as a little baby sprout. Thank you all, and if the tank that helped me, Laurent Castamear is reading this, thank you especially!! <3

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