Dissidia any good Aa?

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI - Media' started by Fayevalentine, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Yar. It's good.

    I have the Japanese version and I can't follow everything 100%, but the game play is straight forward and I enjoy it. It's a nice diversion when I'm on a long train ride or taking a break in a coffee shop somewhere. I've probably done about 40% of it.
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    if you have a psp now you can download the demo, it'll give you an idea of the games play just no story line.
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    If you have a PSP with custom firmware you could give the japanese version a whirl. While not good for the story ... it is awesome for trying out all the characters. (I'm a huge fan of Tidus)

    As for the English demo: A lot of the voiceovers are hilarious. Terra screams "GET AWAY" every time she uses some Ice-attack. My favorite though is Sephiroth in his EX-burst. He says "I bring you despair!" but it sounds like: "I bring you dis pear." Can't wait for the full release :D
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    screw Tidus, Zidane all the way!

    Note: haven't played this particular game, just sayin'..
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    Hehe.. Zidane has a special ability where he can jump like 10 times or something. It's pretty sweet. However! Tidus' moves are super flashy. He jumps all across the screen for his basic combo. And he throws balls at people! :O
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    I'm kinda disappointed we don't also get the JP soundtrack + subtitles. Megumi Hayashibara voiced Shantotto, and I was really looking forward to hearing her as my favorite Taru. >_<