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    I figured this part of the forum could use a bit of a boost, so I thought I'd toss out the latest Anime I've watched...

    The Devil May Cry series is something I've been watching lately. The storyline is interesting and it just has a bunch of quirks to it that make me laugh. Dante's character has an aura about him that screams "Experienced Rookie" or something like that ... much more interesting than your typical anti-hero.

    I've only really found it available for streaming in Japanese though, still, some things carry through just fine (Dante has an unhealthy obsession with strawberry sundaes) and some of the action sequences are pretty slick stuff. The dialogue carries some weight I can tell. All in all I recommend it to people that are fans of the Devil May Cry series. The anime show itself has a bunch of darker elements to it but it doesn't take itself too seriously and I find that enjoyable.

    Any other recent Anime discoveries / etc.?
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    Wow, they made an anime out of the Devil May Cry series? That's interesting...

    I've been reading a lot of manga, some fluff, but some interesting stuff like Eternal Sabbath. Moving in soon with a friend who's a huge gundam fan so I'll probably end up seeing the recent gundam stuff too...hehe. Most of the anime that's come out lately is from manga or light novels I already read though, so it's kind of hard for me to get into it (._.)

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    Speaking about manga. Anyone who is/was a fan of the full metal alchemist series and hasn't read the manga. :confused: You should start reading it ASAP.

    After about 20 chapters it goes a completely different path from the anime and it is fucking awesome. SOOOOO much better then anime. I am dying for the new chapters to come out every month. And yeah there is still new stuff coming out. Its most likely going to be another 6 months to a year before its done.
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    yeah i read it a while ago (slow at work? manga time!). i need to reread some of it though because i'm suddenly lost on the new chapters. it's very interesting, that's for sure. It seems a lot darker, as well.

    Season 2 of Gundam 00 and Vampire Knight has started this month as well if anyone watches that. I'm really enjoying those two shows right now.
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    Toaru Majutsu no Index is really good.

    only other anime I'm watchin is 2nd season of Gundam.

    also, if you havn't watched it already Darker Than Black is good and Tower of Druaga is awesome.
  6. Varda

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    Darn it, sounds like I need to start reading the FMA manga....

    The stuff I've watched most recently has been Fullmetal Panic (really liked the non-Fumoffu seasons; Fumoffu was okay) and Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex (loved season 1, have season 2 waiting). Also waiting in the wings is Angelic Layer (must rewatch!) and Fate -- Stay Night.

    I'm currently a couple episodes into Wolf and Spice, and it's been really interesting. I need to watch some more... I've been distracted with all the new games coming out. >_> It's only going to get worse too. :p
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  7. Razorcat

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    Yes Spice and Wolf is a very good anime. It was one of the fall/winter 07 animes that I didn't consider on watching on a weekly basis. I'm not sure what are good shows this fall/winter season however. There are a few that I will keep up on a weekly basis.

    If you love music like I do, Nodame Cantabile is a classical music and anime lover's dream. The first season was just awesome. The second season shows promise but it has yet to get into the aural intricacies of the pieces that the manga goes into. If the director follows what he did in season 1, I expect that this 2nd one will be just as good.

    The other few animes that I keep up weekly are: Clannad, Gundam 00, ef - a tale of melodies. I've watched a few of the new ones and none really impress me to a degree.
  8. Pussenboots

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    Wolf and Spice was good. If you liked that, I would recomend Natusme Yuujin, kind of a different pace. Blade of the immortal is also good. I find it fun to just turn on TV Tokyo and see what new shows they are playing.