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  1. Neodevilbane

    Neodevilbane Master of the Martini

    From the description on the official site:

    "The popularity of this profession reached its peak during the Great War, when dancers were common additions to allied army units fighting on the front lines."

    I'm sure it'll be a fun job and -- at worst -- a fresh change of pace, but... man that sounds retarded right there.

    "Here comes the Shadow Lord and his forces! Quickly, get the dancers up there, do the cabbage patch!"
  2. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)

    Galka dancers with frilly dresses cast Terror and Petrify when placed on the front lines...
  3. Trewgle

    Trewgle Anhedonia~ Ultima Legacy

    Oh Neo...

    Perhaps you could go for the TechnoViking style with your bald head and beard? (You couldn't wear a body armor, though :tounge-3:)


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