Daily Questions & Faq Megathread (jan 14)

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    Hello, all! We hope you're enjoying your time on FFXIV!

    This is the post for asking any questions about FFXIV. Absolutely any FFXIV-related question: one-off questions, random detail questions, "newbie" advice questions, anything goes! Simply leave a comment with your question and some awesome Redditor will very likely reply to you!

    • Be patient: You might not get an answer immediately.
    • Be polite: Remember the human, be respectful to other Redditors.

    Could your question already be answered?

    Feeling helpful?

    Check this post regularly for new questions and answer them to the best of your knowledge.

    Join the Discord server and answer questions in the #questions-and-help channel.

    Protect your account!

    Minimise the risk of your account being compromised: Use a strong & unique password, enable one-time password (OTP), don't share your account details.

    Read our security wiki page for much more information. Free teleports: Enabling OTP will not only help to protect your account but it'll also allow you to set a free teleport destination!

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