Craft Relic Grinding Appreciation & Suggestions

Discussion in 'FFXIV Feed Test Area' started by RSS News, May 23, 2020.

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    Thank you Dev team for Skytools. This is my first experience with crafting relics. I know that grinding is not for everyone, but I really liked Eureka so I guess I'm not in that group :D

    I know that relic tools are already expected to be expanded in the future. I would like to suggest some additional ideas to extend this experience in the future for those that enjoy it.

    Market Prohibited Items that would provide value specifically to crafters. I'm thinking the items suggested below could include grinding from lower level to higher level versions of the same item. Additionally the items could be personal only or perhaps multi-crafter upgradable for use by entire FC. The recipes could actually be tied to crafter progression story rewards to encourage more crafters to actually do their craft specific story lines. The materials at each "level" could be level appropriate and help drive economy for those older/lower level mats back up.

    Crafter specific materials holding item, with reverse looking up coming for mats - it seems like devs already know if material is craft specific or not, to allow only storage of mats specific to the craft. (if you don't have a recipe that uses it you can't store it). This also provides opportunity to design "interesting" crafter specific holding item. Gem drawer for GSM, woodshed for CRP, ores bin for BSM, etc.

    Crafter specific workbench (I know these exist already but they don't really provide much value end-game) Design of these workbenches could include different kinds of buffs depending on grind/recipe, not just the traditional ones, for example increasing likely hood that a botched recipe's materials get reclaimed, increased chance of a proc, etc.

    Display case - I remember working hard to create items that eventually I had to reclaim inventory/retainer space for because they were obsolete. It would have been nice to keep some of them for display.

    Story specific storage - I did mention I like Eureka :) Today 1/4 of my inventory still has Eureka items in it because I occasionally like to head back. Would love to have a Eureka Expeditionary Force Closet - for all those logos, coldboxes, etc.

    Anyway thanks for reading this far.
    Best regards,

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