Corsair - Skillcaps

Discussion in 'Corsair' started by Archain, May 9, 2006.

  1. Archain

    Archain Kitteh Paws

    Parry = A-
    Cap @ 75 = 269

    Dagger = B+
    Cap @ 75 = 256

    Marksmanship = B
    Cap @ 75 = 250

    Sword = B-
    Cap @ 75 = 240

    Evasion = D
    Cap @ 75 = 210

    Throwing = C
    Cap @ 75 = 225
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  2. Fodder

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    That's crap, that means no relic gun for COR. (;;>.<)p
  3. Archain

    Archain Kitteh Paws

    Maybe they'll add Dagger, lol.
  4. Jotaru

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    Out of curiosity, has this been changed / modified at all? I have read that Corsair does get access to Detonator, but the exact details (or accuracy) of that statement I cannot attest to yet. I am planning on playing Corsair so this interests me a bit (although its highly doubtful I'll ever have any relic, let alone the gun as my choice if it were to happen), just wondering how things work
  5. Archain

    Archain Kitteh Paws

    As of right now none of the relic weapons are usable on the ToAU jobs.

    Gun and Dagger would be excellent calls for COR, but the relic weapons themselves have not been changed yet. I'm scared about them touching anything, especially after the accidental change they made to Apoc.

    Taking a look at BLU, I'm guess the only weapon that fits would be the sword (but it's not the curved blade type BLU normally uses).

    PUP would be okay with H2H, but I think they may need to add something (like they did with PLD shield) to give PUP something to shoot for.

    To be honest, I was hoping I'd see three new relics introduced that fit the jobs better instead of trying to fit the weapons to the jobs. Hexagun, Curved blade, and possibly a Relic Animator or frames would be cool additions. I really want to see a hardcore COR, BLU, or PUP get something of their own.