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    [B]Lv  Roll Name        Effect           Lucky# Unlucky# [/B]
    5   Corsair's Roll   +EXP               5       9    
    8   Ninja Roll       +Evasion           4       8    
    11  Hunter's Roll    +ACC/RACC          4       8    
    14  Chaos Roll       +ATK(/RATK?)       4       8    
    17  Magus's Roll     +Magic DEF         2       6    
    20  Healer's Roll    +hMP               3       7    
    23  Puppet Roll      +pet ACC           4       8    
    26  Choral Roll      -spell interrupt   2       6    
    31  Monk's Roll      +Subtle Blow       3       7    
    34  Beast Roll       +pet ATK           4       8    
    37  Samurai Roll     +Store TP          2       6    
    40  Evoker's Roll    Refresh            5       9    
    43  Rogue's Roll     +crit.hit rate     5       9    
    46  Warlock's Roll   +Magic ACC         4       8    
    49  Fighter's Roll   +Double Attack     5       9 
    52  Drachen Roll     +pet Magic ATK/ACC 3       7    
    55  Gallant's Roll   Damage reflection  3       7    
    58  Wizard's Roll    +Magic ATK         5       9
    I currently play with a 2x (Melee) and 2x (Backline) roll setup and attempt to keep them up by taking a break every minute to refresh a roll (I use a timer). I usually Double-Up on all to VI until I bust. A bust will make me keep it safe rollwise until the effect wears, but pushes back my timers by 1 min (still acceptable).

    Corsair's Roll - I did use this one quite a bit at the start and in many of the earlier levels. I find myself not really using this one as we get into the upper levels. I attempt to keep 2x + 2x going in the same manner a BRD would, incorporating this roll into the 4 Roll setup would mean one group is neglected for a very small potential increase in XP. I really only use this when I'm attempting to stretch out the length of time we can remain at a camp.

    Personal Rating

    Ninja Roll - An evasion boost that I've never had the chance to experience first hand. I've had Mambo songs/Fenrir Buffs on before and those are absolutely amazing. If the COR Roll is anything like those it may actually be useful. I find that I barely use this in a party.

    Personal Rating

    Hunter's Roll - One roll that grants both melee and ranged accuracy! I'm a fan of this one and actually still find myself rolling this in an XP party.

    Personal Rating

    Chaos Roll - I tried this one out and was not a fan. Minuet KILLS this one. Even with an XI roll the gain is not impressive. This roll appears to be percentage based so I wouldn't really expect a large return until the endgame levels. In the endgame levels it'd probably be better to leave the ATT bonuses to BRDs and grant something no other job can give instead.

    Personal Rating

    Magus Roll - Untested. There seems to be new Magic D equipment coming out. There may be a use for this roll in the future, but for now I almost never use this one.

    Personal Rating

    Healer's Roll - I'm a huge fan. Rolling an XI with a WHM in the party is ~hMP+12. I started using this one at level 20 and find it to be one of the rolls that I continue to use often.

    Below is a chart recording the roll effects without a WHM in the party from TwoDeuce of Allakhazam.

    Total Roll  1st tick   2nd tick   3rd tick   4th tick   Effect 
     No Roll       12         25         39         54       -- 
      I            13         27         42         58      hMP +1	 
      II           13         27         42         58      hMP +1 
     [COLOR="Green"] III          19         39         60         82      hMP +7 [/COLOR]
      IV           14         29         45         62      hMP +2 
      V            14         29         45         62      hMP +2 
      VI           15         31         48         66      hMP +3 
    [COLOR="Red"]  VII          13         27         42         58      hMP +1 [/COLOR]
      VIII         16         33         51         70      hMP +4 
      IX           16         33         51         70      hMP +4 
      X            17         35         54         74      hMP +5 
    [COLOR="Blue"]  XI           21         43         66        >88*     hMP +9 [/COLOR]
     BUST           9         19         30         42      hMP -3 
    WHM in party grants the following numbers:

    hMP +10 = III Roll (Lucky)
    hMP +08 = X Roll
    hMP +12 = XI Roll (Best)

    Personal Rating

    Puppet's Roll - I've never really used it seriously and wouldn't know how to measure it if I was trying to generate some sort of effect. I think I've only intentionally ever used this once for a 3x BST Tres Duendes takedown. I never use this one in an XP party.

    Personal Rating

    Choral Roll - This one is spell interruption. I'm wondering if I can find a situation (maybe for PLD use?) that I can actually use this on. Yes, I'm going to put it at a 3, it's more useful in my eyes than Chaos Roll.

    Personal Rating

    Monk's Roll - Amazing roll. With a MNK in the group you can spike a +50 Subtle Blow. You may not think it makes a difference, but this is one of the rolls where the effect is clearly visible. Very useful in an XP party.

    Personal Rating

    Beast Roll - This roll is probably one I'll never use unless I'm doing SMN testing on HNMs or messing around in a BST or PUP group. I never use this one in an XP group.

    Personal Rating

    Samurai Roll - Roll an XI on this without a SAM in the party, it's +35 Store TP. Outstanding! My COR gunshots are gaining TP at the rate of 20%TP per shot.

    Personal Rating

    Evoker's Roll - I enjoy giving this one. Grab a RDM or BRD (or both) and you can have some stacking fun with Refresh and/or Ballad. I find I use this in every single XP party I'm in. I find it VERY useful, it's one of COR's job defining rolls.

    Personal Rating

    Rogue's Roll - I noticed a significant difference in critical rates with this roll, especially with a THF in the group. I love it and plan to take a few parses with it to show how nasty it can be. It's one of the hotkeyed rolls on my macro bar and is used fairly often in an XP group.

    Personal Rating

    Warlock's Roll - This roll grants magic accuracy and I'm a fan. I do give this to a RDM when they are in the party to aid with enfeebles.

    Personal Rating

    Fighter's Roll - I love it! It grants double attack to everyone. SAM/THF, DRK/THF, THF/NIN, and any other melee you can think of will benefit from this one. I'm not sure of the percentage, but the ability to grant a trait that formerly was not available is powerful. I absolutely love this roll and see myself keeping this as one of the two I constantly refresh the melee party with. Always used in XP.

    Personal Rating

    Drachen Roll - Untested. I expect crap. This one may surprise me if it helps out with Diabolos and Nether Blast.

    Personal Rating

    Gallant Roll - Untested. I expect crap. I've heard that this is merely a Blaze Spikes type roll. The DMG on the reflection appears to be percentage based.

    Personal Rating

    Wizard's Roll - Untested. I expect a very useful roll. I hope that it grants a fair amount of Magic ATT.

    Personal Rating

    I'll update this thread later as I learn more about how each of these rolls work.
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  2. Lylie

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    Damn thats very good post Arch!

    So theres a Lv.1 and Lv.2 roll for each job?
    And you think you could give the bonus % (or bonus number for thing like hMP) for each job and for each lucky/unlucky number?
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    FFXIV Name:
    Jotaru Maru
    I'm still confused by Corsair's Roll....

    Wouldn't the xp bonus, albeit tiny, add up over the course of many mobs to make the overall xp/hour faster, even if mobs are a bit slower, chains a bit lower perhaps, and personal damage records slightly decreased?

    I've yet to party with a Corsair above lv 20 so Idano =)
  4. Archain

    Archain Kitteh Paws

    The XP bonus on Corsair's Roll isn't that high. If you roll an XI, I think the XP bonus sits at around 24% (best case scenario). Rolling an XI doesn't happen as often as rolling some sort of intermediate number.

    I can see that it may have uses in the endgame in a burn party. In regular XP parties with seperated frontline and backline, jobs getting a COR roll on everyone is going to be difficult. You cannot write over a COR roll with another COR roll so you're unable to repeat it until a minimum of of at least two other roll attempts have been made (Roll/Roll or Bust/Roll).

    I find that it's better to set the party up to experience as little downtime as possible and use COR Roll as a way to extend your life at a camp by one level when you reach the point where you're able to burn through the enemies with ease.
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    Chuggs M'Koul
    Regarding the magic defense roll~

    I think this would be AWESOME for whenever you fight wyrms and they go up into the air

    it would also help for whenever they do their ---- wing attacks
  6. Xerlaoth

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    arch, could you detail your macro setup for me? i've been having debates with myself over what should go where.

    in all my melee jobs, my JA's are CTRL+&, my WSs are ALT+&.

    How many rolls do you have hotkey'd and do you macro Quick Draw?
  7. Archain

    Archain Kitteh Paws

    I've only put the important rolls to macro so far. I've honestly kept it fairly light and haven't worked too hard on placement yet.

    I have one macro each for 6 of what I consider the important rolls, the others I access through CNTL-J. I don't currently have a Quick Draw macro in place, but plan to start looking at which Quick Draws I use the most and start making them. I've noticed that I burned through a stack of Light Cards very quickly and will probably only run with Light, Earth, Ice, and Wind cards as the bolster shots. There's really only one WS you'll use post-56 and it'll be Slug Shot all the way to 75. I currently have no equipment change macros. I haven't tested out the effects of equipment on some of the rolls yet.

    CNTL-1 = Evoker's Roll (Refresh)
    CNTL-2 = Warlock's Roll (+Magic ACC)
    CNTL-3 = Rogue's Roll (+Crit)
    CNTL-4 = Hunter's Roll (+ACC/+RACC)
    CNTL-5 = Fighter's Roll (+Double Attack)
    CNTL-6 = Healer's Roll (+hMP)
    CNTL-7 = Wizard's Roll (+Magic ATT) (Reserved for 58)
    CNTL-8 =
    CNTL-9 = Pulling/Incoming enemy
    CNTL-0 = TP status in /p

    ALT-1 = Double-Up
    ALT-2 = Random Deal
    ALT-3 = Sharpshot
    ALT-4 = Barrage (Reserved for 60)
    ALT-5 = Slug Shot (Reserved, but currently Split Shot)
    ALT-6 = Detonator (Reserved for 75)
    ALT-7 =
    ALT-8 = Utsusemi: Ni (Holdover from /NIN)
    ALT-9 = Utsusemi: Ichi (Holdover from /NIN)
    ALT-0 =

    I'll probably use ALT-7 through ALT-0 for Quick Draw shots and overwrite the Utsusemi macros. Advanced setups for boosting Magic ATT on Quick Draw will come later on. I don't exactly know what the AF will bring, so for now I'm keeping it pretty simple.
  8. jinxy

    jinxy .

    how do you know when to double up and what not? like if you rolled a 3 on healers roll you probably wouldn't want to double up because you have a bigger chance of gettin a lower hmp or w/e?
  9. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    Basically, unless you roll the lucky number, it's always best to Double-up when your total is below 6, since it's impossible to bust on a 1-5. Usually, I'll Double-up on a 6 as well, since there is only a 1/3 chance I will end up with a bad total (either unlucky number or 12/bust). When I already have a Bust active, I usually do not Double-Up on a 6, since a double-Bust prevents me from rolling at all for the duration of the first Bust (up to 5 min). On Healer's Roll (hMP) as well as other rolls with 7 as the unlucky number, I'll usually Double-Up on 7, since the chance of getting a poor roll is again only 1/3.
  10. Apollyonzorz

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    I always DU on 6. If i roll the unlucky number i'll let it ride, then buff it out with 2 other rolls. not worth the wasted roll time risking a bust.