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    FFXIV Name:
    Sassafras Rosa
    My Lodestone Profile
    Trump Gun
    Ranged Lvl 40
    DMG:28 Delay:480 AGI+2
    Ranged Accuracy+2

    Corsair's Frac
    Body Lvl 58
    DEF:42 HP+15 DEX+2 AGI+2
    Ranged Acc+8

    Corsair's Gants
    Hands Lvl 54
    DEF:11 HP+10 DEX+2 MND+2
    Parrying Skill +5

    Corsair's Tricorne
    Head Lvl 60
    DEF:22 HP+8 STR+2
    Ranged Acc+8
    Enhances "Quick Draw" effect

    Corsair's Culotte
    Legs Lvl 52
    DEF:28 HP+20 INT+3 Enmnity-3

    Corsair's Bottes
    Feet Lvl 56
    DEF:11 HP+10 STR+2 AGI+2
    Ranged Acc+2
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  2. Apollyonzorz

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    Doesn't look like any of these are much better then what is already out there except for maybe the Head piece to macro in, and maybe the body