Chaos Roll Testing - Possible equip rationale?

Discussion in 'Corsair' started by Archain, May 22, 2006.

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    I've seen an unusual thread indicating that Chaos Roll does grant a percentage like previously thought, but that this percentage is based off of the COR's attack.

    This thread resparked my interest in this roll and begins to make me wonder if there are other rolls based off COR values if this turns out to be true.

    [B]LV35 COR/RNG, 131 ATK[/B]
    II = 5 = 3.8% increase
    III = 5 = 3.8% increase
    IV = 15 = 11.5% increase
    V = 8 = 6.1% increase
    VI = 9 = 6.9% increase
    VII = 9 = 6.9% increase
    VIII = 1 = 0.8% increase
    IX = 10 = 7.6% increase
    X = 12 = 9.2% increase
    XI = 24 = 18.3% increase
    Bust = -9 = 6.9% decrease
    [B]LV35 COR/RNG, 152 ATK[/B]
    II = 6 = 3.9% increase
    III = 6 = 3.9% increase
    IV = 17 = 11.2% increase
    V = 9 = 5.9% increase
    VI = 10 = 6.6% increase
    VII = 10 = 6.6% increase
    VIII = 1 = 0.7% increase
    IX = 12 = 7.9% increase
    X = 14 = 9.2% increase
    XI = 27 = 17.8% increase
    Bust = -10 = 6.6% decrease
    If this proves to be the case, what happens if I go very heavy on ATT gear prior to doing my rolls? If a higher ATT is granted, wouldn't the same hold true for Magic ATT, ACC, or Store TP? Would there be anyway to test if loading up statwise on a roll is enhancing the overall benefit?

    I'd like to verify this with someone tonight if I could. I just need someone in a party with me to record their results as well. Learning how this works now could shape the way I macro in equipment later on.

    High ATT build for DRK Roll?
    (Fire Staff?) - Should be very easy to test since ATT numbers are visible.

    High Evasion build for NIN Roll?
    (Wind Staff?) - Difficult to test

    High Crit rate for THF Roll?
    (Thunder Staff?) - Difficult to test

    High hMP for WHM Roll?
    (Dark Staff?) - Should be easy to test by recording +hMP values.

    High Magic ATT for BLM Roll?
    Uggalepih Pendant + Moldavite Earring + BLM or RDM sub? - Unable to test as I'm 52 at the moment.

    Even if I'm not able to verify that this does anything on the other rolls, I'd love to see for myself that the point made in the thread above was true with respect the DRK Roll. I think it will change my opinion in terms of how useful it really is. I always though it sucked, but if I can grant a nice ATT bonus for 5 mins at time utilizing a build that capitalizes on ATT it could be fairly nasty.

    I want to grab numbers from 52COR and 75THF/COR (in WS setup @ ~420ATT base) granted rolls.
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    maybe its based on the COR's stats unless the Job of the roll is in the pt <,<

    nah not scientific enough lol