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Discussion in 'Wings of the Goddess' started by Ravel, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Ravel

    Ravel Mayor of Vomp Hill

    I've been hesitant to get involved with these because I expected it to be a royal pain in the ass.

    But, no.

    Get your sigil, talk to the warp person to go pretty much anywhere. Show up, get tags from the dude by the outpost and beat some ass (or heal in the mages' case).

    I've seen battles last 5 minutes and some last well over half an hour--and the XP and allied notes scale with the time! Woo!

    Further, if you're on merit mode, you do get limit points.



    I almost had an organism.
  2. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)

    Yeah, I'm addicted and basically live in Jugner Forest . To add to Ravel's notes, the duration is in regard to the number of waves. There are some Campaign Ops that require 1 or 3 waves to complete... so just hang around a while and get both the limit points from the actual battle and an Ops mission.

    Also, I found on Wiki that campaign doesn't give skill ups, but does work towards releasing latents on WS and KSNM weapons.

    Typically the zones closest to beastman forts have the most activity and are the hardest to hold off... I've also noticed that Eldieme falls (Beastys have it this week) more often than not--I think because it just sucks to get to it.

    If anyone's ever in Jugner or around and needs a RDM, gimme a shout--I'm probably out there. (^_^)/
  3. Ravel

    Ravel Mayor of Vomp Hill

    What's the lowest level you can do these and get reasonable XP?
  4. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)

    Not sure; I see a lot of 60's in Jugner. I believe it depends on the zone. e.g. A lower level toon can get more XP in East Ronfaure than Jugner, etc.
  5. Shadowedge

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    Speaking of Eldieme falling, I made a nice discovery last night. It seems that as long as Beastmen control it, the extent of a campaign battle there is just beating on a fortifcation. In the 4 or 5 battles I participated in, not a single mob showed up.

    So what did I do?

    Grabbed my allied tag, engaged the fortification, AFK'd for 15 minutes, came back to 1000+ limit points.
  6. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)


    Where IS the fortification? I wandered around for a good 30 minutes and never found it--and then discovered what the "magical braizer" did and gave up. LOL
  7. Eticket

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    It's in at I-8 if I recall. It pops a few minutes into the fight and everyone just attacks it. There's no actual mobs or damage of any kind so if you show up as a mage you get to just nuke or melee.
  8. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    There actually are mobs in there, but the NPCs that spawn seem to take care of them, away from the fortifications. The nice thing is, it usually takes a long while to kill the beasties and so Eldieme offensive battles last for ever and give tons of xp.

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