Bonecrafting [Hello!]

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    Yep here are my stats, just post requests, Im not on as much as I was so this is good.

    Bonecraft: 100+2 (20k GP away from the last item)
    Alchemy: 60
    Leathercraft: 60
    Clothcraft: 53 (working on that atm, not enough money to really get to 60, but Ill try and make yag helmets)

    Thank you.
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    Jotaru Maru
    On a related note...

    My friend recently quit (Jawsh) and let me have one of his characters (his wife's old one, actually, Sionell) who had 80 bonecrafting... I have since raised this to 87 (the cap for Dragon Masks) and I am now STUCK... The only other crafts I have that are even SOMEWHAT feasible (i.e. not including the Acheron Shield which includes 2 adamantoise shells...) include HQ Crab shells... Many of them. I checked AH today to find... 1. I used about 8 stacks of Wyvern Scales to get from 85-87, using two per synth... now I need to go from 87 to 92 using 2 crab shells per, soooo...

    If you find ANY HQ Crab Shells anywhere, buy them, if they are under 7k. I will take them ASAP either as myself or one of my mules and pay you... I am in dire need of a huge collection since I'll prolly need hundreds of these (><) to get to 92. And help would be greatly appreciated and remembered in the future ;) THanks a lot, and sorry to hijack your thread Faye ><
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    Psht, make your own thread man O_O this isnt "bonecraft [Hello!] Jotaru" now.