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Discussion in 'Blue Mage' started by Aelfinn, Jun 17, 2006.

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    well as koul and i found out last night, this sucks hardcore. Got shadowdragon after about 30mins of waiting for it to be night again and then running in circles waiting for it to pop. Then over the course of a .... 15minute(??) fight it did about 10 tp moves, everything EXCEPT body slam. We had Haku(whm) Koul(blu) and myself(blu).

    supposedly the trick is to make hate move in multiple directions to get it to body slam, so we were spread out in a triangle around the mob... but no go.

    i think SE had an evil monkey on their shoulder when dreaming up the lvl 62 spells.
    Body Slam: Dragon mobs, only one that is feasible for a lvl63 is shadow dragon... bleh.
    Memento Mori: Corse mobs, only 1 place to find these and not feasible to solo at lvl 63.
    1000 needles: cactus, lots of these around... but at 1000dmg even lvl75 soloing these is risky. /bst and an npc is doable tho but i have my doubts about how npc and bst pet effect this.

    oh yeah, my point... these spells suck... i think ill be passing on these for now. first time ive decided to not learn a spell... not happy ... BAD SE BAD!!
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    Poor Aelf... you know, we could drag our XP pty out for these.

    Myth & Elvi always make hate fly around...
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    dont think anyone would be interested in lvl 80 dragons :p
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    i would i need this also