Blue Magic Spell Modifiers

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    ok i took some info from a KI post that took info from a BG post, only this is actually readable... anyway. SPELL MOD'S!
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    The 2HR almost makes sense now. I was wondering just what the hell it was good for and I see now that the "TP Mod" is jacked up above the value of a 300% spell when let loose. At times I wish we could do something like that with regular weaponskills.

    Does Radiant Breath have any sort of TP Mod like Spirits Within or is it strictly based off of current HP at the time of casting? I'm very ignorant in how BLU works, but seeing numbers posted in the way you have them above is making me wonder if there are different spelltype categorizations in much the same way that the weaponskills have theirs.

    I know that regular WS had multiple categories. I see it something like what I have written below. I seperated Physical - Critical mod and Physical - Effect mod because SA will make certain ones act the same way regardless of whether they've got 100% or 300% TP (True Strike, Backhand Blow).

    Are the BLU spells set up in somewhat the same way? Can many of the spells be related in some manner to the current weaponskills out there?
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    What kind of numbers can you produce with a BLU/THF on an Azure Lore+SA+Death Scissors with a nasty STR build (or BRD songs)?

    Hell, Disseverment looked very that an ACC mod?
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    I was gunna try SATA+azure lore and death scissors but forgot to put on azure lore lol...

    and yeah spells are like that I think arch

    some of em say "accuracy varies with TP", "chance of critical hit", "chance of effect" (if it had poison added effect)

    the magic type spells are completely different and TP doesn't effect em... same with breath type spells where only HP effects like radiant breath

    also read that Eyes On Me was like 50 or 60% CHR modifier
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    ahhh arch, lemme go find a different chart i found just after i made the 1st post here .... one sec.

    ... ok BG Forums are down for me, ill find it and post it tomorrow...
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    ok edited with full table