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    I had this whole thing in our discussion on Homam and Nashira armor sets regardling Bluemage's... figure it should be posted here as well. maybe get a decent discussion started over what gear you use, plan on using, or would like to use on your BLU.

    keep in mind this is only for the Armor slots, i might eventually add my opinions on the accessories, backpieces, weapons, etc..

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    My wishful thinking:

    I haven't done much with the whole “build” concept, I mean I understand it, but don’t have much experience with it. I macro 1 piece of gear on RNG, none on MNK (I could, but I have yet to get much of the gear to), and staves, hands, and body on SMN (I lack hMP pants, earrings,etc, one of these days maybe), and my BLM I macro earrings/body piece, but it’s only 60 so most of the gear you would macro is not available to me yet.

    My thoughts/observations on BLU, while I’m only lvl 57 now:

    The gear selection is craptastical until you get to lvl 75 and have access to Homam/Nashira if you are lucky. There is no gear to buff your BLU skill. You are pretty much down to building out two sets of gear, a physical set and an int/mACC build with as much MP as you can pile on when nothing else fills the slot.

    At the lower levels I have mostly stuck with the int/MP build, being RSE and whatever misc items I can find that gives me an improvement. With it I only seem to get resists for the magical based spells when the mob is of the same element. Surprisingly I have no trouble sticking spells on mobs that are of an element that is strong to the element I am casting. It kind of sucks because I really like what BLU has to offer in relation the wind element and I’ve been exping on Lesser Colibri for a while now. They have resisted every wind spell I have ever cast on them, ie. Def down, Vit down, etc. I’ve never missed a Sandspin though, which I would expect them to resist more than wind based spells. Maybe I’m just a tard and don’t understand how the elements actually affect one another in FFXI lol. I can say that this has come at the cost of my physical spells. I’d venture to say I get resisted about 50% of the time using them so I usually stick to magical spells. I suspect the dismal STR Mithra have is to blame and there isn’t much I have in gear at my disposal to really boost it at this level.

    When I manage to get it to 75, I think I’ll be working on the following builds:

    Head: Homam
    Body: Homan
    Legs: Homam
    Feet: Homan
    Hands: Homam
    Neck: Peacock Charm
    Main hand: Wing Sword / Dissector?
    Ears: Triumph/Brutal
    Rings: Triumph x2
    Ammo: Tiphia Sting
    Shield: Astral Shield
    Back: Amemit+1

    With current gear I don’t think you can get much better than that. One could argue a Forager’s over Amemit, but BLU does have Ranged Physical spells so it works there too. In the main hand dept., I’m leaning toward highest base dmg sword you can equip without regard to delay, with STR/Attk bonuses in mind as well as that would help pump out a bit more in the spell dmg dept. Dissector would likely be an offhand thing.

    Magic Build:
    Head: Nashira/Errant
    Body: Nashira/Errant
    Legs: Nashira/Errant
    Feet: Nashira/Errant
    Hands: Yigit Gages
    Neck: Uggly Pendant/Int+ item
    Main hand: Elemental Staves
    Ears: Magnetic/Boroka/?
    Rings: Tamas/Vivian (lol this is only wishful thinking after all)
    Ammo: Phantom Tathlum
    Back: Prism Cape

    INT/Macc/MP are the focus (goes w/o saying). Laying my hands on a few more of the hMP items would be helpful too.

    Hopefully SE will add AF/AF2 soon and give us more options than extremely time consuming to obtain items. I’ve done a lot of Limbus runs and am 2/5 on Nashira now. I don’t see it being even a remote possibility of anyone finishing the set since we’ve never even see Nashira hands/feet. Homam seems to drop fairly liberally as a number of people have 2-4 pieces. That just may be the way to go for BLU.

    I’m currently 4/8 on MP merits and slowly working on those, the problem I have is finding time for everything. Between work, kids, GF, and LS stuff, I’m busy damn near every day of the week which doesn’t leave terribly much time for exp. I’m ever soooooo slowly getting RDM(45), BLM(60), BLU(57) all to 75 and not sure whether I want to merit INT out 4 points to support them or go STR to support MNK/RNG or whether I should split 2/2 STR/INT. That’d sure save a bunch of Merit points (9 if I recall) for use elsewhere. In the off chance SE adds COR to Annhilator, I’m dropping everything and taking COR 1 > 75. It’d be more useful to the LS and would be nice to have more opportunity to put the relic I’ve put so much time and effort into to more use.
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    yeah this is my desired lvl75 phys build as well..
    with the exception of:
    Ears: Ethereal/Diabolos or Minuet
    Rings: Raja's/Sniper(Ruby cause im a cheap ass)

    havent really considered an INT set yet cause tbh, most of the "Magic" spells suck so far, or are just waaaay too much mp to be worthwhile in xp.
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    after reading up on Heat breath... it's like spirits within only instead of it bein 45% it's 50% of your current HP....

    I never had TOO much trouble with breath attacks getting resisted and I'm sure with a vulcan staff it'd be that much bettah... but I think a full on +HP setup with mnk sub would be awesome... of course your duty would just be pumpin the mobs full of breath-type attacks but still cold be some decent damage

    and I took it upon myself to do some numbers... @62 with /mnk I had 1006 HP then I popped on some spells for another +80HP ... looked for the highest +HP gear and food for another +736HP which brings us toooooooo.... 1822HP add on mabye 50-100 for the HP from 63-75 and that's a good 1922HP for breath damage...

    formulas for breaths* (supposed)

    (Thanks to Gulkeeva and the japanese website for those formulas)

    not sayin OHMIGODZZ THIS WHAT BLU IS FOR... just giving another route

    ::::also aelf Body slam is a spell needed to give the Max HP boost trait from what wikipedia says::::