Bhauflau Remnants Strat

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    Few things of note first

    1 ALWAYS go west only retards would go east.

    2 1st floor is rly only floor u farm cells on cept magic and abi

    Bhauflau Ramparts

    1st Floor Rampart

    To pop first floor rampart the NM Mad bomber must be up basically 50/50 chance he is.Have to kill in before he explodes which is 60 secs.Make sure to farm first floor for cells before trying to kill him.

    2nd Floor Rampart

    To pop 2nd floor rampart u must kill the 4 Flan mobs in center of map while they are in "spikey head" mode.The foolproof way to do this is to only melee them and use no dmging magic whatsoever and dont skillchain.Also dont use formless strikes.

    3rd Floor Rampart

    To pop third floor rampart u must kill 2 Archaic Gears mobs within 5-10 seconds of each other.1 is located in the big room to west surrounded by single gears and other is east also surround by single gears.To do this effictively u melee one down to 5% and then sleep it while other is pulled melee that one to death while saving tp after 50% then immediatly engaging and weaponskilling other one.The rampart will pop on the side of the last one to die.In example if u pulled west one first and slept it then pulled east and killed it then killed west rampart will pop on west side.

    4th Floor Rampart

    To pop 4th floor rampart u must pull all 10 single gear mobs and kill them before they warp.This is very hard not because they warp in 60 secs but pulling is hard.You have to pull each one cleanly meaning u cant link/aggro them or they will auto warp away.Must take very much care and make sure each is nowhere near another to cleanly pull.1 warps and its a fail.

    Bhauflau Boss Run

    1st Floor

    Farm all the cells your whole group needs on first floor.

    Bombs and Trolls - Weapon/HP/MP/SJ

    Wamouracampa - All equipment Cells

    Flying Wamoura - auto 1 magic 1 abi with chance to drop more

    2nd Floor

    Kill flans in middle to farm Magic/Abi

    Move through door East and farm scorpions for stat cells main u need are str/vit for tanks mnd for rdm chr for brd.

    3rd Floor

    Skip totally

    4th Floor

    Attempt to pull and kill as many of the single gears as u can for they weaken boss.If gets screwed up no big deal.Also kill the archaoic chariot on the west side it lowers LBCs defense East Side lowers its Move Speed an speed of att.

    5th Floor

    Boss - Long Bowed Chariot

    THE HARDEST boss in salvage even experienced groups still lose to it.It has triple att with rly high defense and att has movement speed bonus and extreme TP regen @30% and its special move homing missile does 90% dmg with full hate rest to anyone it hits.Its centered around target up to 10 range.Also please note he starts with 100% tp and can/will use a tp move soon as aggroed.

    Weaking the boss killing gears on previous floor will affect the total dmg% homing misille does.Only killing all 10 gears succesfully will take the hate reset off homing misile.

    Strat for boss is all follows and is similier to Zhayolm Boss

    Songs get put up in this case Minuet and Madrigal.

    Mnks aggro LBC but dont engage yet they get it in position.Being at max range possible from it to hit it.Rest of group that will be generateing any hate will get straight behind tanks at a range of 9.5.Once in pos engage if it does a tp move right away mages can free cure without hate cause its only aggroed.

    Fight like a normal boss dont use erase on this fight paralna only.Mnks try and keep shadows up at all times and DONT counterstance tank it.It has triple att and very high att and will hit u for 500 a pop while counterstanced.With 800 crits.

    When it gets homing misile off it should hit everyone makeing the hate reset not a problem.It doesnt take shadows away id like mnks if possible to bring some hi pots and save them for boss fight only.Use them after homing so mages can take a sec and not get hate after homing.Also mnks if possible only use tp immediatly after lbc uses a tp move cause a good asuran fists after homing is a nice hate spike so mages can cure u without takein hate.

    At 30% mnks can 2 hour it doesnt matter cause he gets MASS tp regen and will spam tp just as fast as he would if mnks were 2 houring anyways.He becomes very kiring like at this point.

    Its a very rough fight and takes practice to do.
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