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Discussion in 'Chocobo Raising' started by Fayevalentine, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    I think I need to go to Chocobo Raising school because I keep putting down my Yellow Chocobos.... ~_~
  2. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    The Shotgun is the only way I see raising yellow chocobos...
  3. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    my chocobo has been ignored for about 1mo or more... i think dunkles might have run away... and im dreading the 1hr of cutscenes im gonna get when i check on him again lol
  4. furax

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    i neglected my black choco for 2 months, but it stopped running away when i came back and started caring for it. The only shitty part is it feels nothing for me at all and I can't seem to get that back up. But at least now i have a black choco to ride around when necessary.

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