Anyone who hasn't cancelled FFXIV, but isn't playing it....

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI - Topics & Discussion' started by pixiehawk, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Some big changes in the pipeline. O.O

    Looks like the real game may launch next fall along with the PS3 client.
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    wow .. just wow ... they just redeveloped the game from scratch o_O
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    So is 2.0 going to be like a completely different game? are they going to scale back the power needed to play the game?
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    That remains to be seen. I updated to the latest version of FFXIV yesterday and I think I'll still wait until some of the bigger engine changes come along. (as noted in the link in the OP)

    My PC still chokes from time to time, but it's dated by today's standards.

    I think I may want to play BF3 - which means I'll at the very least need to upgrade my graphics card.

    ...and If I'm going to do that, might as well sell off this whole PC as-is and start from scratch again.
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    supposely in v2.0 there will be setting for high ended graphics cards and settings for low end one. They changing the entire engine.

    for those that played -- the current game is very different from when you played on launch... alot of things have been fixed.. some thngs havent.

    i still play. a couple of others log in every now and then (shadowedge, croy ono,) the one nice thing is there will be a live event ( ie meteor coming down and blowing up the planet ) that we get that wont be part of the content for 2.0.

    ps. i miss elle (i saved all these eggs for you from easter which i still have which just shows you how long since you last played).
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    I'm on a couple times a week, but usually only for 30 to 60 minutes a day. When SWTOR comes out, I'll probably take a long break from FFXIV, as I was pretty much just doing leves / quests. Casual play in FFXIV can help you push a class to 50, but you won't get to do much with groups or parties, which is where the fast exp and raids are. If PVP becomes an actual part of FFXIV, I'll probably do that if/when I have a maxed job.

    As for SWTOR, I will be on a PVP server with a RL friend, most likely Imperial side (he's going imperial agent --> sniper, I'm going bounty hunger --> powertech most likely). The game seems more conducive to casual play, which is what I need with all the other stuff I have going on.

    Anyways, hope people are doing well!