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  1. Fodder

    Fodder . Ultima Legacy

    FFXIV Name:
    Fodder Dodder
    100 Alchemy
    60 all other subs except for cloth, which is in progress.

    No guild gear, no GP key items (Anima, etc.). I plan on doing them all eventually, but have been focusing on leveling subs first.

    I'll craft anything for LS mates for free with one caveat. I didn't bust my ass and toss my gil away to make other people money. Unless you plan to use/keep said item(s) I craft for you, please find another crafter.
  2. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    Since it's title Alchemy I guess I'll speak up here and not make a pointless new thread

    97.something, it's been a while lol

    I just had to purchase my own pair of mahatma pants so I'm a bit low on gils but I am planning on finishing this eventually^^

    I'll pretty much make whatever you need, just let me know, etc etc.^^ I looove signing stuff that people are gonna use so that's no problem either.

  3. windian

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