Aht Urhgan Mission 22: Shield of Diplomacy

Discussion in 'Treasures of Aht Urhgan' started by Jasmin, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Jasmin

    Jasmin Delited :(

    Any one know if this can be solod? <.<
  2. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    I'd say that you'd need shadows to do it... like NIN/WHM or RDM/NIN. It hits pretty damn hard at first, then his damage goes down as the fight progresses (when his breathing becomes ragged, etc). After a while, he regains his strength and hits like a truck again. Since this is going to be a drawn out fight solo, you're going to have to deal with a lot 200+ damage hits.

    Problem is, he has a lot of moves that go through or strip Utsusemi, so /NIN doesn't really help much either. It'd be a tough fight either way, but I'm pretty sure it's been done.
  3. Fodder

    Fodder . Ultima Legacy

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    Fodder Dodder
    You have a lot of room in the BC, I bet you could do it on SMN without too much trouble.
  4. Varda

    Varda Clothcraft Cat

    I have seen a video of a pup/nin and a whm duoing it. I think the pup tried solo and couldn't stay alive quite long enough, but otherwise it wasn't supposed to be too bad. I certainly agree about shadows though. I went as whm with pld sam blm rdm, and I had to cure a ton. The pld wasn't too bad, but when the sam pulled hate, well... the new sam JAs helped but I still had a lot of hp to cure.

    I also had a certain Taru NPC yelling at myself and the rdm to cure her. That was by far the funniest thing I've seen in a BC fight. ^_^
  5. Jasmin

    Jasmin Delited :(

    Solod it as :bravo:SMN :cheerleader:

    Did the good old Aquarius metod no BP just mindless summoning of Fenrir and 4 Yagodo drinks. It was darks day so my fenrir was free with the drinks. Took me a while lol. It killd Fenrir fast but it hitt fenrir just as much as Fenrir hitt it. Just make sure if ur doing this as SMN to not use any BP and runn like hell so u have time to resummon and only cast Blink when ur so far from the boss that u cant see ur pets HP. That way u wont get hate.

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  6. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    Congratulations! I completely underestimated the -perpetuation cost gear... never knew it was possible to have a free Fenrir. o_O

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