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    Is it possible to breed a chocobo with two inherent traits so you can raise him to be physical?

    Im just wanting one with canter and gallop or regen. But seems like you have to either breed one with both already or Ive read that you can use digging for treasure to raise disc and lower end then get the ability and try to raise end back up...

    help me sass.
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    It is not possible, to my knowledge to have a chick "born" with 2 abilities.

    To achieve your goal, you'll need to keep repeating breeding for a chick born with Canter. Raise the chick as DIS/REC until it's at least Bit Deficient to Average DIS, at which point the Teen is able to learn the second story. Once at Average, you could put your choco on Basic care and switch feed, but not care programs to STR/END.

    Auto-Regen is available with a chick raised in any city. Gallop is available at Teen stage in San d'Oria or Windurst. I'd suggest raising in San d'Oria, since Gallop story is received in the chick phase.

    Once the proper abilities are learned, flip completely to STR/END plans & hope for the best. You can definitely get STR back up to First Class, but not sure you'll be able to get END up. I think you might run out of time. You'll also have to watch your Affection rank very closely to maintain Parent status in order to achieve the best results.

    This is not something I've done myself, but Elvier did it. My personal focus is digging chocobos. I do plan on physical chocobos, but only once I've finished my digging stock.

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